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I am restoring a traditional stone barn and need some stone blocks (stone typical of  Bergerac area) to rebuild a doorway. I need several cut blocks, preferably old and weathered, about 35 cm deep ( similar height and width), to match existing. Does anyone have such material for sale (tumbled down barn/building ?) or know of where such reclaimed materials can be sourced in the Bergerac area ?

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Melou 1626768940

There is a stone-masons yard buried in the countryside between Le Bugue and Les Eyzies who I'm sure will have what you want. 

Take the D706 along the Vezere Valley, and turn off on a side turning aout 1 mile from Les Eyzies, signposted to the 'Auerge de l'Etang Joli'. It's up this lane (Google Street view grid ref: 44.921329 - 0.9949253)

Hope this helps!

Martin Turner 1626770068

Hi Melou

Thats very helpful- thank you. 

If anyone else reads this and has blocks they are willing to sell please let me know. 


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