Recommended Painter / Decorator near Sarlat? And a Gardener?

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Hi, Can anybody recommend a good painter / decorator near to Sarlat please?  We are also looking for some help with the garden .... again can anybody recommend someone please?Many thanks

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I would recommend this great guy                

I could however be a tad Bias ;-)        

I am going to be on the road for the next few days out in the middle of nowhere,so if you contact me,please anticipate a delay in my response. 

I shall be in the Sarlat area next week.     

Jamie x

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Hi Jamie, thanks for your message ... unfortunately we need somebody to help us on a regular (probably weekly) basis.  However if we do have any big jobs we'll definitely contact you - we're in the process of sorting stuff out at the moment so should know exactly what we're doing very shortly!

Take care.

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Hi there, I can recommend this chap in Groléjac. He doesn’t do painting but can take care of pretty much anything else inside and does a fair bit of gardening work too.

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