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I have a question , i payed a depoit for a holiday last year ,but because of lockdown could not go, was offered a chance to go this year, but once again couldn't go because of lockdown . I have asked for a refund but have been told i can't get a refund untill at least after 18 months has passed from paying the deposit, i was told this is the law?is there anybody know if this is correct information ? Also will i finally get my deosit back ??     Thank you in advance                  

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Hello   We too have 'fallen foul' of this strange French law., although for us it is the total amount!

We booked for 2 parts of family to a French holiday campsite, 1st one cancelled due to Covid, so we rebooked. 2nd one, part of group had flights cancelled. We thought this should be enough for a full refund , to our clocal dit card, but after chasing several times, were told no it is vouchers again, for 18 months, or wait 18 months for a credit refund! We are sure this 'odd rule' is something new as did not see it when we booked.  

We somehow doubt they will remind us it is due to be fully reimbursed to our card, so we shall use voucher up, with only part of the family going.

Suggest you leave yourself a reminder 18 months down the line!

Hope this helps.


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  Of course it is annoying for you to lose your money, but probably the campsite was not closed, - you were unable to go.
If you booked, & his terms were no refund, why should the loss be his responsibility?
If he advised you to take out holiday insurance, then should the insurance not pay.
If the insurance has a clause exempting it, surely that is an unfair clause. - Situations such as this are what insurance is for.
The 18 month rule is as below:-

How to cancel your reservation made on an online platform?

First contact the French hotel owner
or the owner of the accommodation and try to negotiate a postponement
of your stay or a credit note. Then contact the platform on which you
made your reservation.

The intermediary platform can help you to facilitate the cancellation of
the reservation with the hotel or the owner of an accommodation
(cancellation free of charge, modification of your reservation ...).

But be aware, these online platforms remain intermediaries that connect a buyer and a seller so
they have no obligation to refund the price of your reservation. Find
out about the support and reimbursement policies implemented by the
platform used for your reservation.

Please note that in France, as
in many Member states it has been decided that in case of cancellation
of touristic services due to Coronavirus, companies may offer a voucher
instead of a reimbursement. For further information, please contact the European Consumer Centre of your country of residence.

or the law yin French:-

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