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I have seen a historic post regarding sourcing UK equine feeds from the UK into France, the lady was near Castillonnes. does anyone know if it is still operating or of any other sources. we will be permanently in the south Dordigne from the first week in September and our horses arriving in late September. also does anyone know of any reliable pet sitters in the area that are good with horses and cats.Thank you.Steve Mason

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Karin Vervelde outside of Villereal at Montaut does this. Not sure if it is the person that you are looking for. Equine Naturelle. She brings feed from Holland and Germany every two months. Sourcing the feed from the UK has become too difficult and expensive since Brexit. We were going to ship some over for ourselves, but a haulier told us it was likely to be too difficult and he had the correct shipping codes. He suggested we imported it from Eire. However, we have found comparable feeds elsewhere in Europe and locally to us.


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Here is a page that includes the above recommendation and others. Hope you find it useful:

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