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Does anyone know where we can buy 10-20 point of lay chickens at a sensible price? jardiland sell them at €30-40 euros each which is ludicrous money. We are near Bergerac. Many thanks

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JCWhite-97139 1443040342

Your Local Perigordine., by order.

Bing-120771 1443041603


Sainte Foy market on a Saturday morning next to the cafe de sport,quality birds,reasonable price.


Mr Blakeney 1443041897

If you hold on for a few weeks or days, I know of a battery farm which sell off their one year old egg layers every year at this time, 20€ for ten and the eleventh free. These are fabulous prolific egg layers and with fresh grass and air soon become rosy combed and full feathered living a good 3 years and more.

pm me your contact and I shall let you know when I will be going to collect some.

nectar99 1443043252

Thank you!

Imtiaz-Hasan-975990 1608557608

Hello Mr Blakeney. I realise your reply is from 5 years but are you still in touch with the battery farm?

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