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A group of us play in Le Bugue at the Tennis Club on Fridays at 9.30 am. We need more players to mix and match. This is drop-in social tennis so come along. Address is Rue de Onze Novembre.

started by: Kemeny · last update: 1629815763 · posted: 1629815763

Are there any exercise classes for seniors in the Perigueux/Bergerac region?

started by: Jenny-Gatenby-993017 · last update: 1620113623 · posted: 1620113623

I am looking for somewhere that offers floristry classes for a gift. Recipient lives near Montignac, Nouvelle Aquitaine. But can travel.Thank you

started by: flan020-95755 · last update: 1605614732 · posted: 1605446286

Good Day All,I am hoping that somewhere out there is someone who can help me. I have a Contax Carl Zeiss lens that has been sitting around for years. I was going to try and sell it on facebook if possible. So I was cleaning up the lens and I needed to remove the Filter/Skylight so as to provide a more detailed image of the lenses properties. It was difficult to remove and in my efforts the whole of the focusing ring of the lens was removed form it's housing. I can see that there are a number of pieces that need to be aligned properly to return it to it's nest. Well I tried and realised i should try no more. Is there anyone out there that can help me. Looking for shops to do this is difficult and also expensive. I don't mind paying for the repair here though if it can be done. Thanking you all in advance.Michael

started by: Sabrina -Pattenden-961018 · last update: 1598614234 · posted: 1598614234

Hi, does anyone know of any fishing lakes for sale in the Dordogne/ Charente Area ? Also if anyone is interested in match fishing we have some local matches so would be great to hear from you.  

started by: forestgump · last update: 1579529973 · posted: 1579529973

Hi Team,Proform 480CX running for giveaway. Non runner. This machine was little used but it appears that the motherboard has failed and doesn't trigger the motor to run. All digital functions are perfect - incline, running programs and heart rate monitor. New motherboard can be bought for around 240 US $. Need the space so if you are handy and want to save £600 on new price then this is for you. Some light rust to lower frame rail but otherwise will polish up nicely. If you want to break it and use the motor or other parts no problem. This machine is heavy - you will need at least two people to carry it - I can help at this side. Photos availableBased dept 24 near Thenon.

started by: shaun-may-943192 · last update: 1566473003 · posted: 1566473003

Hi Guys, I am visiting friends in Jumilhac-le-Grand on the 24th August for two weeks and looking for somewhere to Carp fish locally, I am struggling to find any lakes or rivers that might either be free to fish or a day ticket. All the lakes seem to be targeting the week stay anglers. Would anyone be kind enough to point me in the right direction. Yours in sport and tight lines. Shaun. look forward to hearing from you.

started by: Diane-Mildenhall-925737 · last update: 1521705027 · posted: 1521705027

Has anyone found Tau Chi classes near Riberac please ? 

started by: fabouche · last update: 1518520631 · posted: 1518520631

We are looking for a hire of Marquee with dance floor for mid September     2018for 30  people.

started by: Raggermuffin-117730 · last update: 1518111870 · posted: 1518080213

What birds can i see murmering over our woods.   I think they are too big for starlings. Quite spectacular.   First time i have seen them in 5 years! Too small for crows! Obviously not the cranes.

started by: dave71 · last update: 1513003017 · posted: 1513003017

HiI am a 70 year old keen angler.I am looking for like minded company for fishing trips in 2018.I like to fish local rivers for Roach, Bream, Chub and Barbel.I also enjoy 24 / 48 hour sessions on local lakes for Carp, Sturgeon and Silure.I live near to Thiviers but I am willing to drive to other areas to meet and fish.Any suggestions welcomedDave

started by: JLW-900694 · last update: 1511611453 · posted: 1511611453

I'm looking for a squash or racketball partner in the Bergerac area. I haven't played squash for a few years but am looking to start again. Also I got introduced to the British version of racketball recently and think it's a great game. It's just like squash but with a bigger, bouncier ball so much easier to get rallies going and better for the older squash or ex-squash player like me.

started by: Ms Miskatonic · last update: 1510269763 · posted: 1510269763

Looking for an intemediate female tennis player to play against once a week in Eymet.English and French speakers welcome.

started by: just jane! · last update: 1509442575 · posted: 1509194778

Is there anyone out there interested in cycling? I live in Le Bugue 24260 and would like to meet up with others for cycling. I have transport so rides can start anywhere within reason. Contact me at davidlebugue@gmail.comDave Morris

started by: Daniel H · last update: 1506978251 · posted: 1506945243

Having not played for 10 years I'm looking for a course that has a driving range and not many water hazards.Used to have a handicap of 20 in the UK but I expect I'd play nowhere near to that now.Recommendations starting from the Bergerac area please. Am prepared to travel.

started by: gary-nichols-864637 · last update: 1505638745 · posted: 1505638745

Hi wondered if there are any golf societys who play at les merles or other courses in the area which I could join many thanks

started by: dave71 · last update: 1505220526 · posted: 1505220526

There seems to be many places to choose from if you want to catch large specimen carp, but I would like to fish for some smaller fish now and again.I live in the Thiviers area and would be happy to drive for up to an hour, so does anyone have a pond or lake where I could spend some time fishing for smaller species?Strictly catch and return and I am happy to pay for a day ticket.Thanks

started by: Pete-Scott-907258 · last update: 1503383610 · posted: 1502797595

Can anyone recommend fly fishing lakes in the Perigord region? I have bought a permit for the rivers but after only two days, have managed to break my rod this morning so would now like to find a decent lake. We are currently staying near Thiviers but am happy to travel.Many thanks.

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Hi All,We have the first of the sand arriving tomorrow for the sand school that I am constructing. We have put the geotextile membrane down and found the roll to come up short! We need another piece of 5m by 4.5m and were wondering if anyone has any lurking in their barn or garage? It is on occasion used underneath above ground swimming pools. I am looking for the white geo fabric.Thanks for looking.

started by: Paul-Robinson-907115 · last update: 1502640459 · posted: 1502562689

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