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I could really use some advice on buying a spa. We have decided that we do not want to install a swimming pool, neither of us are swimmers as such, but would like to dip into something cool during the hot (hopefully) summer months.  Someone we know who has a plastic one which he deflates in the winter,says he has to empty his every two weeks because of leaves, grass, etc, true? Is it complicated to use the chemicals? Can we run it using an electric extension lead from the house? Where is the best place to buy one near Bergerac? Hope someone out there has the time to answer, thanks in advance.

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having a problem emailing you - too much info to post - could you try replying to me - thank you

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Thank you Chicken Run for answering, but I too am having problems trying to email you, perhaps its a problem on the AngoInfo site? I'll try emailing you again later today or tomorrow.

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 We had a spa for many years. If you get a fibreglass one it will give you many years of use. We used ours more in the winter than the summer. If you have a proper thermal cover you will not lose much heat. Nothing better than sitting in the warm water getting snow falling on your head. You should have a proper electrical connection normally 30+ amp with RCD. Electricity & water don't mix. With a test kit its easy to balance the chemicals. We found running costs double what the shop told us. Estimate about 2-3 euros per day. We kept ours running 24/7. Hope this info helps. Get one. Enjoy.

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From our very bad exprience, what ever you do don't use  the company we used!! For more info on our problem contact us .  Bri

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Emptying every two weeks sounds a bit much? If you want cool dips in the summer why not try a small steel tubed intext pool? We've decided this was the best invesment we've ever made, had it 5 years now and changed the water completely only twice. We only bought it (actually free with our nectar points off amazon UK) until we install a small in ground pool. The pumps (and heaters if needed) can be powered by a good house extension, as can the inflatable spas. The chemicals filters etc for our (4metre diameter, 90cm deep) pool are not too expensive and it's small so easy to maintain the right balance. Needs a good hoover after winter and a dose of chlorine, then a quick PH test and it's good as new.

I've never heard anyone who's had either complain about refilling every two weeks.

Like the previous post, the inflatable spa is used more in the winter than summer months. I also have an outdoor shower that hooks up to the indoor shower tap when in use. It cost next to nothing and I find I use it as much if not more than the pool for a quick soak. There are also solar showers that sound pretty good, I'm thinking of getting one myself.  All the larger shops (Auchan, LeClerc, Leroy Merlin etc) stock everything you'll need to operate a small dipping pool like ours, and it sounds like you want it for the exact same reasons we did. My advice would be to start with a very cheap option like we did, you might be pleasantly surprised.Good luck!

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