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Hi any amateur radio operators out there Am posting this enquiry on behalf of a friend who is an amateur radio operator with a UK licence but now needs to apply for a French licence. Have found the appropriate form on the REF website and completed it but not sure if it has to be counter-signed by a legal representative. Also would welcome any advice on operating an amateur radio in France. Call sign if anyone wants to contact him G0BEA Phil Vaughan Thanks for any help  

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beejay33 1395510991

It doesn't need to be signed by anyone except the applicant.

The documents required are :

For a request superior to 3 months in France,

the petitioner must join to his application the following documents :

- the photocopy of HAREC certificate delivered by the administration of your country

- the license (please indicate the lasting quality of your licence issued by the administration of your country and supply this document either in French or in English)

- a proof of being set up in France for more than 3 months (ex: electricity or home phone invoice).

- the payment of the tax written in euro: 46 € for a one year licence to the order of the 

span style="font-family: Times New Roman; font-size: small;">'REGIE RECETTES MEFI MAISONS -ALFORT'

span style="font-family: Times New Roman; font-size: small;">(only), by cheque or mandat cash drawn on an institution represented in France .

- If you choose another means of payment (euro cheque) do not forget to raise the price of the tax of licence of the corresponding exchange expenses.

- a proof of your identity (passport, national identity card).


Here is the latest form and info (March 2014)



Glyn Holding 1395514339

Thanks for your reply. Very helpful and has clarified a few points for us. Have filled form in and fingers crossed my friend should have his licence soon. Merci beaucoup


beejay33 1395514712

Mine came back fairly quickly (surprisingly!) shame it is not free as in the UK.

rjb33 1407952544

Thanks for taking the time to pay for a license, there are too many guys who seem to misunderstand the 3 month time limit.

In the eyes of the law you may have a new French callsign, however until you declare your station, you are operating illegally !!

Here is the link to finalise your station, remember the power levels they require are in ERP.




rjb33 1407956275

I forgot to add, that if one day you decide to give up amateur radio, you must send fill out this form before the 31 of december, its not like the UK where you just say nothing and thats the end of it, if you do not let the ANFR know you are stopping using your callsign, they will assume you are still active and bill you accordingly, if they do not receive the €46 they will take this plus a heafty fee directly from any French bank account registered in your name/address.

Your callsign is held for up to 10 years, once you pass this time limit your callsign is essentially lost..

From the site of the ANFR:

Si l'on souhaite ne plus utiliser son indicatif personnel des services d'amateurs, il faut demander sa suspension avant le 31 décembre de l'année précédant l'année de suspension auprès de l'Agence nationale des fréquences, en adressant sa demande sur papier libre à l'Agence nationale des fréquences (pôle de Saint Dié). Suite à une suspension volontaire de l'indicatif sa réactivation pour un même radioamateur est limitée sur une période de dix ans suivant la date de suspension.


73 QRO


philip-witting-871904 1476184365

G8AIT - I have a similar question and have tried the (3 year old) links above but can get no further - they have obviously changed. Can anyone give me updated ones?

Also, I cant get into the staion registration site without a French callsi9gn. I would like to know what data is needed before I apply fo a French call. Can anyone help?



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