are you a really good photographer?

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I need some high res photos of food for a web site.To be taken in October.....reward...some really yummy dishes to eat!If you are interested do get in touch to discuss.Project is taking place near Cas tilon la Bataille.

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Rowland-Z-906046 1501405397

came across your post quite by accident..

- a couple of suggestions

You need great pics but don't worry too much about 'high res' esp. for web. All cameras will provide that.

If you find you're really struggling (as you've only just posted you're probably not) I may be able to help. I'm NOT a pro photographer but have been involved with some food photography in the past for a (very good) chef and hotel. We were happy with results.

Alternatively, if you have access to a digital SLR with a long-ish / telephoto lens (sorry, don't want to go into lens length jargon) and, most importantly, a tripod you might be able to get good results yourself. A few things need to be considered ie avoid flash etc but it's do-able

Are you opening a restaurant? do you have lots of natural light and all the props (eg table settings)?

fabouche 1501487815

Long story....

We are ex London chefs and we have the props and nice plates....but will be getting a few more for the new pics.

yes tripod works better....natural light ah yes.

where abouts are you???? Tel number?

If you have 5 mins we can talk.

Rowland-Z-906046 1501541113

Sent you a PM - let me know if you don't receive

fabouche 1501564127

Did not receive it.

Rowland-Z-906046 1501575423

Seems not the first time, other users have this issue. Would prefer not to post contact details publicly if there's an alternative. If privacy's important post a Dropbox link to your email, that way you can take it down later.

Sorry forward the intrigue!

Rowland-Z-906046 1501575519

'for the intrigue'

Autocomplete fail

fabouche 1501575923

you can e mail me directly on


fabouche 1501603800

or tel 0557474233 !

fabouche 1501614537

oh so it was just a joke.

fabouche 1501676309

never sure why people go to so much trouble to 

do things like this.


Renovata 1501678903

Nowt so queer as folk ????

Rowland-Z-906046 1501940715

Indeed, nowt as queer as folk esp. when there's trouble at t'mill.

Sent you an email John, check your spam folder if it doesn't appear.

fabouche 1501948962

received Rowland....but I am Barbara....

will be in touch by telephone....easier.

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