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Hi Does anyone know where we could play badminton in the Bergerac/Issigeac/Villereal area? Possibly at a club, or sports centre or even within a school perhaps. many thanks

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If you are just looking for a venue, the Salle du Fete in Razac d'Eymet is likely to be available at little cost. The village is organising a 'soft tennis' night once a week through the winter months and I imagine they would be delighted at the interest.

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ok thanks, that sounds promising.  Presumable you just go along to the salle to find out more?  or do you know what times/day of the week to play.


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You will find there is a very good club at  strong>Lévignac de Guyenne at the sports hall.

They play Thursdays and Sundays.

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Hi , Beaumont du Perigord have a good badminton club,

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There is a badminton club in Cancon.  Wednesday evening I think, but you would get more info from the Mairie or the the Tourist office in Cancon.


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