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We are thinking of moving to the Sarlat area. Does anyone know of any bridge clubs for my wife? She is a good player. She does not speak French.ThanksBrian Sharman

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Thanks for that but, as I said, my wife doesn't speak French so I am asking about whether there are any English-speaking bridge clubs.

Brian Sharman

jaxjordan 1475352555

You do not say where you live now and how lng you have been in France? 

Fish24 1475357794

Yes, I did understand but I indicated the local Sarlat Bridge Club for a reason in that they have many anglophone members and good quality players, including the Président, Annick Tabarly and others, but your wife may prefer the English-speaking multi-cultural association who run a bridge club and useful French classes at Le Bugue:-

Telephone and go along to see which suits you best.  You might even meet some Australians!

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Thank you again. I misunderstood your previous message. I have looked at the Le Bugue site and it's most helpful - and I think it might be quite fun to meet some Aussies. Just to be clear, we are in England until I retire next year but I know the Dordogne fairly well. My French is good. I anticipate renting for a while until finding somewhere to settle in principle within about a 30 km or so radius of Sarlat, so  can anyone else kindly help with any other bridge clubs in that general area? Also, I'm a barrister specialising in criminal law, are there any similar such scoundrels out there?

Brian Sharman

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I played bridge in France when my French was pretty basic. Once you learn a bit of vocabulary like the names of the suits, numbers, court cards, tricks etc then the game is the same and a good way of improving language skills. Bidding systems etc were always a foreign language to me so that didn't worry me at all and I think they all have English names anyway.

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You can find some more information on the site below.


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Thanks both for those helpful messages. Any more comments welcomed.

Brian Sharman

Riley@sarlat 1475411444

We are not great players, but enJoy playing at the la bugue club once or twice a week.  Thursday afternoons is quite competitive!  There is also a club aT (I think) St Cyprien - which is also pretty close to Sarlat.

We live In Sarlat for about half the year  - from April/May and thru the summer and can only highly recommend it.  Bridge has been a great way for us To meet people.  

we have not tried the Sarlat brIdge club, as we hear it is pretty serious, and we are more social,players.  But your wife might like to give it a go.

my other half is a barrister - not crime though - so yes there are a few scoundrels around!

Brian-Sharman-866367 1475416771

Dear Riley

Thanks very much for that info. As to my profession, the best put-down I have ever had about it was when I once told somehow who had asked me what I did that I was a criminal lawyer and they replied "I thought you all were".

Brian-Sharman-866367 1475416864

Correction 'someone' not 'somehow' - and we're supposed to be good with words..........

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