Bridge game Sarlat area

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We are based in Sarlat for 6 months - and looking for someone to have an occasional bridge game with.  We learnt late last year, and have been playing at a club in sydney once or twice a week since then.  So still novices but very keen to keep it up while over here.  We are a married couple 50-60ish ages. Thanks

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Bailey-112258 1400266032

We don't play bridge but you are very welcome to come for coffee.

we are in Sarlat like you for the summer

Fish24 1400305080

There is a Bridge Club at the Old Hospital, Columbier in Sarlat if that is your scene.    The President speaks English as I know her so if interested, you could pm me.

Riley@sarlat 1400309987

Thanks.  More interested in social/casual play rather than the rigour of club play, but will email you to get those details as well.  We really took up bridge thinking it might be a good way to make some new friends over here!  So if anyone is willing, let me know!

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