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The Vendredi Craft Club has recently moved from St Avit Senieur to the Salle de Fete in Bournel (between Villereal and Castillonnes) and we are currently looking for Demonstrators and Speakers for our meetings, particularly someone who could show us Basketry and Cake Icing/Sugarcraft.  If you are or know someone who would be prepared to come to one of our meetings please do let me know. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month and enjoy sharing and learning different crafts.  If you are a 'Crafter' and would like to share your craft with likeminded ladies do come and join us. New members are always welcome.    

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Would like details of your meetings please. Love to do patchwork and need advice.

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Hello tcdc do you live in the area of Bournel? We have a meeting this week so if you would like to email me I can give you more information. 


tcdc-110664 1391701719

Yes, live near you but can't make meeting this week. Would like information about your meetings though.



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I am afraid I can't help you with sugar craft, but I am shortly to become a registered Parchment Tutor (also known as Pergamano). As I believe there is no other tutor in this area, I very much want to spread the word about this wonderful craft. I would be happy to privately send you some photos of my work. would be happy to come and give a demo. I live in the St Liverade area of 47.



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