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Good Day All,I am hoping that somewhere out there is someone who can help me. I have a Contax Carl Zeiss lens that has been sitting around for years. I was going to try and sell it on facebook if possible. So I was cleaning up the lens and I needed to remove the Filter/Skylight so as to provide a more detailed image of the lenses properties. It was difficult to remove and in my efforts the whole of the focusing ring of the lens was removed form it's housing. I can see that there are a number of pieces that need to be aligned properly to return it to it's nest. Well I tried and realised i should try no more. Is there anyone out there that can help me. Looking for shops to do this is difficult and also expensive. I don't mind paying for the repair here though if it can be done. Thanking you all in advance.Michael

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If the lense filter is unable to be unscrewed from its mount this is something I experienced some years ago. Ever since I made sure that the filter had a brass screw mount. To overcome your problem may I suggest that you put it  in HOT water so that the metal expands and thus releases the corrosion. I would also suggest that you put it in hot water then pour in hotter water so that the glass does not crack. I hope this works for you.

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Thank you Lacy 121. Nice of you to make an effort for me. The filter is off now. But I will bear it in mind for possible future occasions. Thank you again. Best Regards


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