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What are the rules for putting your own canoe on the local rivers?  Thank you.  

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grondin 1410605547

As far as I know if the river is described as "domaniale" it is owned by the state and the public have access to the river bank. You can put your boat in the water from the bank or from a quay. Rivers classed as non domaniale are private property and the landowner on either bank can bar access both to the banks and the river itself.The local canoë and kayak club will probably have a map of rivers which can be used.In parts of the river which are used for commercial traffic you are advised to stay well clear and give such traffic priority.

dave&becci 1411588039

Following on from the original question, does the same apply to small powered boats (I'm thinking tender or skiff with a small outboard).

grondin 1411593338

I don't know the answer to that but there may be interdictions against petrol or other internal combustion engines because of the risk of pollution. You can buy electric outboards which would certainly avoid such interdictions. They are widely available locally.

grondin 1411593467

I should have said that the original limitations that I mentioned vis a vis domaniale and non domaniale would apply and take precedence over the mode of propulsion.

dave&becci 1411605710

It's a bit late to worry about pollution of the rivers. Dont think theyr'e meant to be that colour.

Sola178 1411634190

What do you mean about colour? The rivers that I canoe on are certainly not polluted.

Paulboucher 1411647043

you will have no problem with a small type fishing boat im sure 10' or a small engine like 2.5 hp i have been fishing here for 12 years never been stopped or asked for anything enjoy.


dave&becci 1411660912

Thanks Paul. That's exactly what I've got in mind.  Just fancy exploring the area from the rivers with the kids.

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