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Hi all, has anyone got a 4 seater canoe/Canadian they are looking to sell, I don't want to spend mega money, 200€ or there abouts!! Thanks

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Jambo 1466836296

Still looking, check behind your sofa!!! Or has Mr Cameron nicked it to make his escape!!

Fish24 1466836943

Not knowing which area you live in, at the end (even sometimes the beginning) of the season, many canoe-hiring River Dordogne/Vezere sites sell off their older canoes for 'peanuts'

Jambo 1466840233

Thanks Fish, I did try with a few of my local ones last year with no luck!! I'm just south of Sarlat btw

Fish24 1466848135

Did you try Copyre Canoe's main base at Souillac (Argentat down to Beynac). I have enquired and they do have canoe 4 places for long parcourses (16€/person/day) but "our equipment is USA and we do not sell off at the end of the season"!!! Responsibility and security re condition.

Sorry, I tried and I used to have a'contact in Management' but not sure if he is still with them!

Keep trying or maybe the Vezere sites or even Le Bon Coin?

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