Carp Fishing on the Dropt

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Hi , I have been carp fishing on the Dropt recently & have caught some nice fish up to 29 lb, I am sure there are bigger fish to fry, it would be good to enjoy some company in the coming months, I am happy to share info/cost of baiting up, etc etc please drop me a line, I am due to fish at the beginning of June For 4/5 days/nights.  

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Wairoa 1400742647

Look into the law about night fishing,think 8pm is the latest you can fish.

richard poole 1400765573

you can night fish certain parts of most rivers.when you get a licence you get all the info then.


thelimetree-94935 1400766475

Gents, I have a French National fishing licence & you are able to legally night fish on the Dropt.

richard poole 1400773023

there's the answer then.tight lines hope you get a nice 40lb+.carp


Wairoa 1400781799

Been a while since I've been called a gent!Happy fishing.

Lee-Westgarth-861895 1465728968

I am visiting casstinoles on a family holiday, me and my father have been given permission for a days fishing, I see the dropt is our closest option. I would love any information you could provide to make the day as productive as possible. I know pre baiting usually essential but we not overly bothered, just want some where scenic to fish with the chance of a carp, close in margin work or stalking preferential, cheers lee

Lee-Westgarth-861895 1465729166

Castillonnes sorry

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