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I'm moving to the Brantome area soon, are there any Cley shooters out there that could give me info on clubs etc in the area. I'm bringing my guns out on an EFP but have no idea what licences are required to keep the permantly in France. can anyone help.

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Oh so sorry “the only person who never made a mistake never made anything”. Guess it must be very quiet in Poitou at this time of year.

If anyone has any constructive information on CLAY shooting near Brantome I would be very grateful to hear from you.


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Hi Vic,

I don't know about your area, but in ours, they are often advertised as 'Balltrap' in the Tourist Office or side of the road. Might be worth popping into your local Tourist Office or Mairie, or even asking your local chasse as they will be there getting in a bit of practice. Paul

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Thanks for that Paul, do you know the licensing regulations for shot guns in France. Regards Vic

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There are two clay pigeon shooting sites near Mensignac not far from Brantome. I certainly appreciate them shooting clay rather than birds but why they have to do it all night with loud PA systems blaring I don't know - they must be deaf.

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