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Did anyone watch the farcical situation in Trafalgar Square today ? You would have sworn England had won the World cup or something of similar triumph! They win a test series and are almost given the Freedom of the City ! Yes they deserved to win the Test series but surely the celebrating is a bit over the top ! Does this mean that if they win the next test series against the next test side they play against, that we're going to have to go through the same over the top festivities again ?

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trevoraki-94398 1126641025

It's because we beat the Aussies. Beating anyone else doesn't matter.

MrPotatoHead-94171 1126687791

Winning the Ashes is a lot more significant than winning the World Cup (whether you're talking real football or the TV-friendly version with the round ball, or even cricket's pyjama game). It's got a helluva lot more history, for a start.

Nelly-94366 1126722237

It does seem a bit sad that the nation has been so deprived of winning that they grasp at anything to celebrate. Yes the Ashes is a good win, but then so was the win against the West Indies...where was the ticker tape parade then ? World Cup rugby...sure its a great feat to win against the best of the rest of the world in such a tournament and they fully deserved there praises.(And ticker tape parade)

And as for football... talk about winning the World Cup in 1966 and you'd think England are still world was almost 50 years ago !!!!! Life has moved on ! Its not a feat anymore ...its a black mark in the England book that they haven't won the World cup in 50 years !

My point is that to celebrate the winning of a Test series in the manner they have is just so over the top.


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