Does anyone know of any creative writing classes?

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I am looking around to see if there are any creative writing classes in the area - for the less expreinced writer. Somewhere to get a bit of instruction, a bit of feedback and provide exercises that will inspire me to write. This would need to be in Englsh! Any information would be welcome. 

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There is a place called Chez Castillion who do creative writing courses. Look it up on the internet, it is near me here in Castillion la Bataille.

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I don't know of any classes, but I am keen to 'swop' ideas. I am currentlywriting my 4th manuscript and would love a couple of 'beta readers' once I have done some editing. I have not tried for publishing yet, but I think the latest manuscript may head in that direction. I can also recommend some book on writing which are inspirational if you are interested. Perhaps we should also be looking for reading clubs or thinking about starting one. What do you think?

Fat Bob 1399254828

I have published many books (and had my own poetry published).  I have helped many budding authors. I will happily read mansuscripts and give you tips on getting published.

klbt 1399275591

That sounds fantastic Fat Bob. I will be in touch soon for a brainstorming session. Thank you so much. 



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Not sure where you two are located, but there is a writing group that operates out of the Meyrals English library. They, however, don't do manuscript critique, they get together to do a weekly writing session for an hour. It's fun, but a bit of a hike for me. I'd be keen to start a writing critique group locally; I'm in the south-of-Sarlat area. It's something I've had on my list of things to do. I've published a good deal of non-fiction and a little fiction, and have taught creative writing. For myself, I'm interested primarily in a group for fiction mss. but wouldn't be averse to reading non-fiction if it were something that interested me and for which I could provide a worthwhile response.

If that is of any interest, PM me and let me know what you're writing, and we'll go from there.

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I've signed up for a residential creative writing course at the end of June, near Villefranche de Lonchat. 

It's led by Ros Barber, an award-winning author (she was awarded the Desmond Elliot prize for her book 'The Marlowe Papers' last year), who will give advice on how to get published, as well as showing how to develop your writing talent. 

Although it's a fully-catered holiday, day participants are welcome, too.  If you're interested, I will send you the details. 


klbt 1399380247

would love to see the details, though not sure, because of work and family committments, that I would be able to attend. Could you PM me, please?


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May l suggest an alternative. allows you create your own writing blog free of charge. With tens of thousands of writers across the planet posting everything from short stories, poetry and new books. Ther are writing prompts every day that stretch your imagination and writing skills with lots of feedback from accomplished published authors. WordPress also run their own writing course and challenges where immensley successful bloggers give constructive advice and useful suggestions.

The benefits in growing your skill as a writer are enormous - and you don't even have to leave home to participate.

Oh  - It is also totally free

What harm is there in taking a look.

Hope this helps - it has certainly improved my writing.




clive-essame 1399388677

Great ideas, thanks everyone for feedback. I am working on a humorous book about my experience of being in France and am looking to either self publish (probable) or get it taken up by a publisher (not so likely). I have got to about 27000 words - I feel I am about half way through my first draft. Any advice welcome and if you want a sneak preview (free) please let me know. 

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