Electric Golf Trolley Repair

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does anyone know somewhere where a service/repair to an electric motor might be done?  

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getmecoat 1424115271

Not knowing what part of the Dordogne you are, I would suggest you ask at your local Golf course in the first instance.

Archie1-996197 1424164174

That would be the obvious thing to do, which has already been done, not only at local course but also at others!

tried a motor repair shop in Miramount but they don't deal with DC motors.

as far as where in Dordigne I live, I don't care where any repair place is, it's going to be more easy to drive to it than package up the trolley and send it off to UK!

George's girl 1424170409

Just a thought for what its worth......have you tried Decathlon, they are big suppliers of all things sport and may just know of somebody....

Toni99 1424185265

There is a motor rewind shop on the side of the road at Garonne just short of the traffic lights; if they can not help then they might suggest who could.

What's the problem, brushes or control, either way, I might be able to advise/help if you cannot get a professional repair.

Toni99 1424187653

Oops! Sorry, missed out the "d" of Gardonne, any way, here:


Archie1-996197 1424194295

Thanks for reply.

the motor is making a lot of noise - possibly carbon dust build up, and even with a fully charged battery, doesn't go at full speed.

the other problem is that the manufacturers did a modification as the axle broke and a bracket was riveted in place to strengthen the new axle. This has to be taken off to be able to get the motor apart

Wairoa 1424246274

Egelec at Gardonne.

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