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Hi, Does anybody know if there is a english speaking gun club in and around north Dordogne or the Haute Vienne. Thanks

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Gavinetflo 1435855147

Can you be a little more specific regarding what type of gun/s and shooting discipline/s you are seeking?

Paulboucher 1435856311

one where you can go out and blast targets i guess or clay's 

forfr2013 1435857783

Yes a club where we can shoot some targets or some clays.



Paulboucher 1435878420

let me know if you find a good place i would like to come along there's loads of places in Spain but nothing much here that i have found.  Apart from the Chasse and they just enjoy blasting anything with a pulse


Gavinetflo 1435934531

Our private facilities would not be suitable for you, good luck with your search, you will find some members in most clubs motivated /capable to speak some English. However for the safety rules and certainty of comprehension some efforts in French will be required on your part. 

Googling the appropriate terms will bring up all of the various shooting clubs in the region for you. 

forfr2013 1436813928

Hi What do you mean by your private facilities, why do you think they would not be suitable for us?

numbercruncher-115912 1436872933



Apparently there is a club in Hautefort - i expect you could get details from the mairie.

Gavinetflo 1436876404



Hi What do you mean by your private facilities, why do you think they would not be suitable for us?

 My own 10/20 lane FT/HFT course set out to international competition standards (target types, distances etc.)

It used by myself, a limited number of personal acquantencies and exceptionally other guests by invitation. A letter of recommendation from a recognised shooting club, proof of shooting safety and etiquette training and a valid doctors certificate for shooting participation are required.


Paulboucher 1436876827

Dam being ex SF i wanted to try out my 15 shot pump action. seems to many rules for numpties for me so wait to go to Spain. 


Sammierenee 1453803189

Hi Gavinetflo


We would be very interested in joining your club if possible. We are moving to France fairly soon and can provide excellent references for Hft/Ft from shooting related people in the UK.


Can you contact me on if this is possible please?





Gavinetflo 1453838172

PM on the way

Sammierenee 1454418945

Hi Gavinflo


i don't seem to have received a pm from you unless I cannot see it for some reason?



Sammierenee 1472594950

Hi Gavinetflo

Not sure if you will see this but can you please try to contact me again re your shooting club? Email is

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