Holiday Insurance nightmare.

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Due to my husband becoming ill we had to cancel the 7 day holiday booked through Travel Republic, travelling from the UK. When I booked this holiday I was refused insurance because we are resident in France. My husband then checked with AXA who handle most of our other assurance here in France and was told that our household policy would cover us for the holiday. Since cancelling the holiday we have received less than a third of our initial payment back, the rest is non-refundable. On visiting AXA today we have been told the household policy actually only provides (limited) medical cover.  We were hoping for something back on our flights, the balance of the hotel room, car hire and UK airport parking. We paid with our UK bank card which normall provides free travel insurance, but not for non-residents. Has anyone any similar experiences and/ or advice for any future travel we may undertake?  I also wonder about Brittany Ferries cover for our regular trips back to UK.  We normally book and pay for our travel through UK agents and bank.  I would be interested to hear of your experiences.  

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laughingboy-409220 1389117584

You can easily take out holiday insurance as a resident of France, eg with and many other providers. You can choose single trip insurance, annual insurance, etc, according to how often you travel. I imagine you'd still be covered if you booked through a UK agent.

Vixter-398527 1389118206

Thanks Laughingboy, a nice quick reply!  Have you had personal experience of using this company, and did you ever have to make a claim?

laughingboy-409220 1389121580

Nope, I never made a claim. I travel a lot and I used to take out  annual travel insurance year after year but I never needed it, and about 10 years ago I decided it was a waste of money and stopped. Last summer for the first time ever I had an incident that I could have claimed for - I was robbed in Italy. It cost me around 1000€ altogether to replace what was stolen but it's still less than I would have paid out in premiums for the last 10 years.

That's been my experience to date but as I get older I'm thinking I might go back to taking out insurance.

Jono1-103514 1389199848

Allways a good idea to check the policy conditions.  I have medical assurance with AXA and it clearly states that cancellation cover is not provided.  Only repatriation and emergency medical expenses, which is fair enough for a free add on.  Also there is no loading for adverse medical conditions.

Icantbelieveit 1389201358

Another thing to look out for in the small print.......

Many insurers quietly insist that 'annulation' insurance is purchased within 48hrs of buying the tickets for the trip/holiday. Buying it later (perhaps after shopping around for a few days) may mean that you are not covered and you may not realise this if you haven't carefully read the small print.

Insurance cover for medical expense / repatriation / baggage loss etc seems available at any time before the event.

Don't take my word for it - read the small print !!

Vixter-398527 1389217323

Thank you for your comments, insurance is always a minefield.  When you are also translating from another language I am right out of my comfort zone!

maryjane-599094 1389218616

For those of you here who have posted that they are insured with a certain particular insurance firm, might I politely invite you to look at the thread in the midi pyrenees south anglo info insurance read the small print and get help - under financial and legal.    Just a point I am using any means in my power to warn - particularly expats - of the way this particular company here, targets foreigners and their appalling treatment on claims.  sorry just couldnt resist passing the word.   If you are interested please pass the word on to others my aim to try to make sure no-one else gets taken for a fool like me.

Icantbelieveit 1389258557

Thanks for sharing that Maryjane

It's an absolute horror story - well done for getting so far through it  !!

Jono1-103514 1389259040

I agree, this is a horror story.  Why can't they, including the broker be named and shamed.  Is there no such thing as an ombudsman here!.

Moriarty 1389259746

Maryjane, what a night mare, I have read the thread on Midi Pyrenees South.  Criminy, what a saga.  Would you be kind enough to pm me with the insurance company details ... so I know to avoid them?  I know you can't post them publicly on this forum.  Thanks.  And good luck.  Bon courage !!!

maryjane-599094 1389264280

I would love to name them but there are laws governing this which have to be respected.   It is a very good thing that anglo info give everyone the means to contact by email should they want to pass on such details.   As I said having suffered at the hands of some pretty unscrupulous insurance people and having learnt what I should have done, I feel the best way to react is to get the message across to as many people as possible what they should do so hopefully I can stop someone else suffering the devastating near 3 years we have.   Since posting, I am amazed at the amount of people who have contacted me privately for the company details and am hopeful with so many passing on the word some good might come of it.

Jono1-103514 1389280072

Perhaps you could pm me with the name.  Thanks.

maryjane-599094 1389282112

will email you the details.   Just to answer your question, most departments have an insurance agent who is elected as ombudsman for that department.  Guess what, our ombudsman is the agent who has caused us all the problem.

Jono1-103514 1389285114

Words fail me completely!!.  Thanks for the advice re the Company maryjane.  This is the Company that gave me so many problems over cancelling an Assurance Sante' last year, where the most obnoxious agent I have ever come across was completely useless, rude and ignorant!.  It would be so good if we could name and shame.

yls33-107178 1393621611

Hi there, I am also a non UK resident but I also work I travel business 30yrs ++ so I needed to find myself insurance as I have to go back the the UK often for work and holiday. I used to use expatriate healthcare company in UK which has an expat section but they got very expensive When moving from Axa<very bad service a friend had to Lloyd's so I now use a company called

they also have an expat section. I buy an annual policy they do family, couple, single parent for various regions and levels of cover. So far so good no claims but they do cover ex pats and several of my friends also use them.

of course read the conditions though. Get a quite on,one leave it a week to think it over and then they send you a discount code to reduce the premium 

i also buy an annual car hire  top up insurance as hire car hire companies are so expensive. I use £39 for Year for europe. If you find one check they  wheels,tyres, windscreens, refuelling errors and lost keys.

Hope this helps





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