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Can anyone advise me please? , I'm moving near Bergerac at the end of the month with 3 elderly equines, they have only a high fibre diet , hi Fi cubes, speedy beet healthy hooves. that sort of thing is there an equivalent please ? They don't have grain so I'm not too sure what I should be looking for and hubbie not happy for us to cart out numerous bags of food in the precious lorry space. Also last years hay ( laminitic Shetland) and an English speaking vet for the endless supply of bute for all those arthritic joints...theirs not mine! Would appreciate your comments...Thank you

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MurphysMum 1415008786

Hi Loljo. You can get horse feed in most of the animale alimentation places but lots of people prefer to continue to get theirs from the UK for the wider selection (Baileys, Badminton etc) along with better choice for specialist diets like your oldies. We have a delivery every 2 months to just outside Castillonnes (20 mins from Bergerac) next one end of this month. If you're interested let me & I'll put you in touch with the person who organises this.

Loljo 1415015911


thankyou, yes please if you could give me contact details that would be brilliant.


JCWhite-97139 1415029791

Hi, I am near Bergerac should you need another contact.

All the best with your move.

Racbat123 1415044539

Hi loljo! 


We are 10 mins from Bergerac !!

help and advice on  a vet fab one near castilliones!

i have an old boy plus a very fat mini shetland!! I ve lots of old a small bales if you wd like any!

plus a advice on your journey here! We used a b&b near la mans  also a fab logistic company  for paperwork and ferry crossing!

pm for my mobile number!!


Loljo 1415046972

Thank you everyone, new to this forum but am so pleased that friendly information and advice is so forth coming from you all ...So excited about the move !!!

thanks again .

kataan-612185 1415047402

Hi, I buy Baileys horse food from the co op in Eymet, order before the end of the month to pick up about 5th of the month, speedibeet, high fibre cubes etc.

chess 1418297272

Murphysmum could you please let me have your contact details for the horse feed as for my Emyet is a bit far for me to go as i live in Villereal.


many thanks

Loljo 1418556639


thanks for info re horse feed...albeit ages ago so sorry for delay, can you tell me please do cooperative in Eymet sell small bale hay and straw do you know ?

thanks again 

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