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I have quite a valuable bicycle , I live in France. Anyone know of a company who will insure it? My home insurance covers it if it is stolen from my home but the company cannot offer me cover if I am out and about. Having recently been approached then chased with the feeling he was after my bike not my phone number I am keen to get some cover.

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FizzFizz 1467809019

I fear something happening to my bike or it being stolen too, although I've never had someone in this country chase me for it!

You can ask any French insurers about supplemental insurance to cover your bike. However, what I was told by the members of my cycling club is that that insurance is not worth the money because the conditions are so strict. Meaning, the insurance company will probably not pay out for some reason or other.

It might be better to just put some money aside each month to cover a new bike should something happen.

shinny 1467848203

Try your bank its possible they can help

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