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There's a new keep fit/martial arts (tung soo do / tae kwon do) class held in Monestier (between St Foye/eymet/bergerac), on Sunday mornings at 10.30am .   Open to persons of all ages, genders, levels of fitness.  The class is at the beginners stage, but it will be adapted to suit more experienced members, and is overseen by a Master with several black belts.  The class begins with cardiac exercise, followed by formations and exercises,  and finishes with a stretching warm down. Contact me for more info.   They are looking to build up the number of participants, there's no pressure to take part, so come along and see if it is for you or not.

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Racbat123 1422735681

Hello do you know if their are any classes for children!

thank you

thunderbolt-943208 1422740299

Yes, we have a 13 yr old in the class at the moment, but he is just setting up a class in Sigoules on a wednesday, which is being aimed at younger kids.  You can contact him directly at

c-curran1-901764 1423523282

We live close to Monestier and would be very interested in your class.  Could you let me know where you are and the cost, please....thank you

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