London Marathon Sunday 13/04/2014

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Anyone else out there, apart from my French son-in-law, Philippe, been accepted and taking part on Sunday, in the London Marathon 2014? Have I understood that it is BBC1 who have the TV rights?  Can't find the emission times so that I can follow from 8h30 am onwards.  Does there exist a 'personalised' way of recording his personal perspiring efforts in the middle of the other runners?

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Fish24 1396816363

Just learnt that is he is on the Blue route, dossard no. 58325, in blue and black and wearing a GoPro video thing on his head!

Please shout "ALLEZ , PHILIPPE" or "VIVE LA FRANCE" if you are in the crowd and see him.  He is so excited that he can participate and has been training for months!!  My daughter with Victoria, their little girl of 5 years old, will be there, somewhere in the Dock area.



nickj-909910 1396878270

I was sure I remembered from my own shambling marathon efforts that it is possible to track runners' progress in real time during the race and, sure enough, I found this on a runners' forum:

Yes you can track runners on the official London marathon website, I have done so for the last four years, they don't seem to advertise it for some reason but just go to the results section. I seem to remember default is set to show the time at the finish so you need to select 5k, 10k etc otherwise nothing will show until you finish. You can search runners by number, name or club and times are very upto date, usually within 10 minutes of you passing each timing mat. 

Allez, Philippe!

Fish24 1396885196

Wonderful info.  Thank you so much, nickj.  Shan't get much gardening done next Sunday!  He lives in Bergerac but works up in Barbezieux, near Cognac and no, he doesn't run to work every day!


Fish24 1397494206

Could I just say that Philippe's time was 4h15mins for his full London Marathon and 30mins better than the one he did last year in the CapFerret/Arcachon marathon.  He was most pleased and so were we.

I just hope he can spend more time at home with less sport (only just failed his 4th Dan karaté end of March but another try in June and winter isn't upon us yet for him to go mountain climbing at the w/e).

May your lucky star help all women and children of sport maniacs!!


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