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Looking to play football – I’m based in the Eymet / Issigeacarea and wondered if there any any groups that have an regular, casual kickabout.  I’ve seen on Anglo Info thatthere is a group who play once a week in Castillonnes, but I can’t find anyinformation about it.If nothing is currently organised,  I was wondering about sorting something outaimed at ‘vet’ age groups, but as it’s very informal all ages welcome.  Is this something that people would be interest in?  If there is enough demand maybe we can getsomething set up.

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call me on 0685668723 for details. we dont play in casti anymore, now at villareal playing 5 a side in an indoor area at the horse and racket bar.  Tuesday at 7.30-9pm

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When we first arrived a few years ago now, I played a couple of seasons for the local village team where we first rented a house. I just went along to training on a Friday night, spoke in very bad French about playing, they got the gist and that was it.  Most clubs I know still struggle if they have a couple of teams so getting a game locally won t be hard. Its good for your French, good for making friends and getting known about the community.

Good luck and go for it.

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