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Where will I find a list of marathons that will take place next year?

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moi-94338 1133261222

Here's a site about marathons in France.

Martin-94098 1133435826

There is a 10km race next Sunday in Arcachon. Contact the Arcachon Tourist Office for more details.

Tut-94234 1133521888

If you are keen runners, I found this website that is a great resource and has loads of usefull information

Milo-94190 1133558690

Very helpful, thank you. Someone sent me a link on the Barcelona marathon that I thought I would share with you. (It's on the 26th March 2006)

The Paris marathon is closed for new entrants.

Good running!


Paul_Bay_Area-94685 1135360487

Check out :

Living in Bordeaux

Bla Bla-94395 1135602684

I was at my local newsagent this morning and noticed that two running magazines (french ones of course) had this whopping big supplement enclosed. The supplement covers over 5000 races in France for 2006. Thought you might find that useful. Happy New Year.

Milo-94190 1135786188

Looking for a Sports Science Insititute to get a VO2 reading done. Around Bordeaux area.

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