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Have recently moved to France (Sarlat - Dordogne) and want to re start my hobby of building and flying model aircraft. Can anyone recommend or introduceme to a club which has someone who speaks English

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Jambo 1462689246

Hi Michael, I believe there is a model aircraft club by the airfield at Domme, the signs are there for it anyway but no idea of any English speakers sorry!

Norman_Ottewell 1462697150

Hi Michael

C.A.R based at Riberac airport has several English members and the treasurer M.Jean Paul Waisman is a very good English speaker. His email address is as below!

Norman Ottewell

KenC 1464100606

Here is a link to the FFAM, which is the equivalent of the British BMFA [or the SMAE], that shows locations of the clubs in your area.
Forget about looking for folk who speak English, joining a French club and mixing is a good way to improve your language, and you will find members welcoming. I have been a member of two clubs in my area [not near to you] and both clubs have permanent flying sights, good club-house facilities and good beginner and improver programs with club models to fly. French clubs are streets ahead of typical English clubs in just about every respect, I was chair of an English club for 10 years so I have some good way of comparing. Just do it, get involved, but if you already have UK radio control equipment, be aware that it may not be legal in France. If you fly free flight, you will have considerable difficulty in finding a flying site. Aeromodelling as a hobby in France is totally acceptable and highly respected, unlike in the UK where we tend to be treated with the same attitude as are morris dancers and train spotters. Good luck, and good luck with finding anything like a model shop!

Fish24 1468131875

Just heard on the local radio.  There is a big 'reduced' model aircraft Meeting up at Domme aerodrome today, Sunday, 10th July.  Entrance 8€

Lee-Cox-897301 1491598651

Hello Micheal,

I am in a similar position as you was, just arrived and wish to carry on my hobby of R.C planes..did you find any clubs around the area, I am in Perigueux area..

Any help with local clubs / contacts would be much appreciated

KenC 1491833020

Hello Mr Lee-Cox

I just replied to you on your own thread on this topic.

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