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Hello Boys! Is there a decent Model Shop in Perigueux?   I,ve ben to the model shop in Brive and all is a little sparce.  I am looking for a RC  in the form of a Bi-plane.  I am the last person to ask about what type but something like a Tiger Moth ~Havilland Rapid -  Pitts  seem to be the ones coming to the forefront.  I have looked on internet but would prefer to go to a shop. Thank you      

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Swifty124-891005 1418411245

Yes there is, not sure of the street name but about 100 mtrs along the road from the pompiers towards the Esso garage with the new swimming pool on the left


Fat Bob 1418411278

The only RC shop I know of in Perigueux is over the main bridge from the cathedral on the right. Looks quite a big shop but have never been in I prefer flying kites. I fly kites up to 5,000 feet and miles away and have control on direction and feel what the kite is doing.

Raggermuffin-117730 1418411825

Thank you boys I will duly proceed!



Raggermuffin-117730 1418411830

Thank you boys I will duly proceed!



Swifty124-891005 1418411857

I have been in a few times and stood drooling at the models!


KenC 1418684649

Having been an active aeromodeller for 60 years, and a radio flyer for perhaps 45 years, if you are a newcomer to flying model aircraft and you intend to start with a biplane as you have suggested, I wish you the best of luck. If you intend to teach yourself to fly, [because these thing do not fly themsleves], I hope you have very deep pockets because you are going to have heavy repair bills.. My advice would be to stop looking for a model shop, and start looking for a model flying club. You will be welcomed as a necomer and given advice on choice of model and radio gear, and help with learning to fly.

But I may be wrong, you may be an experienced modeler, but from the vastly differing nature of the three biplanes you have quoted, that would seem not to be so.

And do be aware that flying radio controlled model aircraft in France is classed as a sport and as such you will need your doctors signature to say you are fit to do it. Without that, any insurance would likely be deemed invalid.

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