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Looking for Mountain Bike owners (20/30 year olds) who fancy a ride out off roading, maybe meet up on Sunday's around the Lalinde area.

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Clump23 1454762956

Hi I'm over 30 but a keen mtber, I'm in lalinde from May until November this year 2016. I'd love to meet up with fellow riders for single track or downhill trails. is their any mtb gruopes in this area?. I'm also keen to do some road riding 

Ollie 1456428806

I mbiked in the UK but haven't since moving two years ago. I'm keen to get back into it but need to rebuild my bike...

I've heard good things about the trails around Saint Felix de Villadeix, just down the road from me.

JamesW-924072 1456435213

I'd love to join but I live too far away....

Lavaysse 1456574315

There's a couple of us near Monpazier that are 20-30 ( in our heads ! ) - about 40 mins away - happy to join in if there's a regular Sunday ride - mike 

Clump23 1456704415

I'm up for Sunday rides, do you know of any good trails? I'm going to be based at mauzac for the summer

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