New cross country course for horses

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I have just seen an advert about a new cross country course for horses in Montpeyroux for only 10€, which opens tomorrow (Saturday 3rd January).  For anyone who's interested, I found this link:!horses/c2vj    

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JCWhite-97139 1420272063

Yes I saw this too, looks an interesting facilty .

George's girl 1420281737

Courses for horses.......

misenka 1420310277

I have already seen the course as I keep my old girl there on pension (horse, not the wife)

She can't do cross country as she is too old now (horse not the wife)

Whilst I am on holiday I will leave her there (wife not the horse)

The property is magnificent and a lot of time has been spent on getting the cross country course right. I go to ride my horse around the grounds which is very enjoyable She is 18 now but very fit. Wish the wife was.

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