Owners Direct - Changes to Subscription & Introduction of Service Fee

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We're new to the Holiday Rental scene, having our first full year renting out our 8 person Gite in the competitive area of Duras in Lot-et-Garonne. We have good occupancy this year, with most bookings being made end of last year beginning of this, after a 'soft start' last year. Have you as fellow Gite proprietors any views on the new Owners Direct Service & Subscription fees? It may well be too early to see any affects, but things are already turbulent what with the recent issues of security, Brexit, exchange rate, strikes etc?

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I am not sure if anyth ing else could happen to make things harder

for next year! We  too have had a decent season and work very hard to

make things as special as we can for our clients. LeftOD!

what is your link to your property?

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Potential clients are annoyed about the "service fee" if they pay threw the site, they tend to think it is a cleaning charge which it is not so when they realise what it is they feel ripped off....a 6% service charge is a lot, it should be called a booking fee which is a more appropriate name,and if you do not encourage clients to pay threw the site your property never moves up the list.

as a person who books most of our holidays Threw this company I am disappointed with the changes, I Refuse to pay this charge which now means I cannot use my credit card on this site without excessive charges! I am now looking at sites like ChezNous which does seem very good.

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Hi, we where with them a few years back, did not get many inquires until about 4 weeks before subscription was due. Always for busy weeks and for more people than we could sleep, brown , smith or Jones, so we called there bluff and responded with a yes we could accommodate them . Surprise, surprise we never heard another word. 

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Yes Suew  I had similar experiences.

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If you are thinking of advertising with Owners Direct then DON'T. We have been with them since 2010 and got most our bookings through them until they were bought out by Expedia who introduced these charges by stealth after saying they would never do so. They are a nasty greedy company who bully their home owners in to accepting online booking. Their customer service department is totally useless when you eventually get to speak to someone which can often take up to 30 minutes. There is an anti OD service charge Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/AntiOwnersDirectServiceCharge/ you should join. We have let our property for 19 weeks this year but have not had one enquiry since March. Have a look at https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.ownersdirect.co.uk where you will see what a rotten company they have now become.

cab47 1469791184

OD is part of homeway who were holiday rentals.com a few years ago and as a long term advertiser I was very unhappy when they introduced a tier based commission paying listing model  - basically to force gite / holiday home owners to pay 2 or 3 times what they were paying for the same thing.

Total rip off as there are far too many properties on the site and since kicking them into touch and using other routes to market I we are booking out as many weeks as we want including the mid season ones which homeaway could never shift.

holiday lettings is a similair scenario  -  again kicked them into touch and never looked back.

these big organisations focus too much on the easy to shift weeks in july / august  - and we expect more than that !

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