quiz nights/clubs

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Any around the Montpon area looking for new people to join? Thankd

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hornets 1409772775

If you hear of any then do let us know ..We are just outside Mussidan

kathyc-99557 1409783862

Are you looking at events in English or French?

hornets 1409789220

English would be best for us

sueharrison1-98425 1409834382

English please 

kathyc-99557 1409874133

La Poutre at Beaupouyet has occasional quiz nights and would probably have more if there was the demand - it's English run. 

05 53 80 29 54

hornets 1409931344

Thanks ..will give it a visit


sueharrison1-98425 1426068141



Did you find any? Also looking for like minded people for coffee, playing board games ( either at mine or yours) , mooching round the shops, cheap lunch once a week etc? In Montpon area

carmel2 1426173718

Hi Sue

Would be interested in quiz nights (if you find any), also meeting for coffee/lunch in Montpon


jillnbill 1426432149

LaCave Des Chevaliers bar in Villefranche de lonchat near montpon have a quiz night every alternate Thursday nights. I've not been yet but understand questions are read in french and English.  

walwen-100691 1426590034

Not sure where you are, but the golf club at Tombeboeuf has quiz nights regularly 

05 53 88 83 31

Or you could contact the people who run the quiz & see if they do them elsewhere

06 04 15 86 20


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