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I have recently moved to the area and have been flying model planes for many years, can anyone suggest any clubs around Perigueux / Thiviers Brantome areaMany thanks for any help

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Fish24 1491604154

Not a lot around, the one at Creysse has closed down but you may like to go here in Périgueux and enquire about clubs, places, etc. in your area:-

DJC-509176 1491634089

See, club near Brive. 

Lee-Cox-897301 1491649966

Thanks Guys for the prompt feedback

KenC 1491827071

You should look at the FFAM site here

That tells you all the clubs in your area. Be aware that if you are new to r/c flying in France, your UK radio gear may not be legal here. In addition, you need a declaration from your doctor that you are medically fit to fly model aircraft, and clubs will insist on this. If you need any further help, contact me via a private message. I was an aeromodeller for 50 years beofre moving to France 7 years ago, and a radio flyer almost from when radio became possible.

Jambo 1491929833

It may be a bit far for you but there is a club at the Sarlat/Domme aérodrome, they had a huge meeting in August last year with hundreds of different models flying, great afternoon out!! 

Lee-Cox-897301 1491930554

Thanks Jambo...much appreciated

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