rules concerning camping cars paying or non paying, on ones private land

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I've tried googling this but not got very far, lots of rules for the camping car owner driver but not a lot about land owners who want to provide overnight space and electric hook ups for camping cars/motor homes.   Anyone out there got any up to date info about how many one can have parked overnight, other rules etc ?

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Part info. and a mobile home is considered also under 'caravan' rules and regulations in France :-

Basically, no more than 3 months activity, authorisation required from the Maire and certain exemptions.

Long term -  required to look under Code de l'Urbanism

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We wanted to do this on our land in the  southern charente ut this was not allowed evenh though the other camper vans were friends and family on their way to other destinations. First the land has to bbe classed as suitable and then registered, if appropriate, as a businness.

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A déclaration préalable to the mairie for minor works which include up to 6 camping cars/caravans (and no more than 20 people!) with response within a month.

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