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is anybody else having trouble with sat,connection from a sky box. or is it just ours we are in allemans du dropt Thanks  

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combe-938196 1456180674

Hi  Im in Clairac and have lost bbc 1 and bbc1 hd and quite a few other since early today , just the weather im guessing , need a larger dish i think , hope it clears ups soon  gl  



Bryn Taffis 1456228260

I have a instalation from channel+ ( 64 cm dish and 3 head ( 19,23,28 ) heads. This is backed up with a second 64 cm dish with 2 heads ( 19 and 23 ) for bad weather.

Agreed today reception of BBC 1 HD and 2 HD are difficult but the ITV etc channels are perfect along with standard BBC 1 and 2 on 23. 

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