Skiing this weekend. Anyone interested?

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Hi. As the weather is nice this weekend (15th-16th March), my husband and I have decided to go skiing this weekend at Le Lioran. As we have two places left, we were wondering if anyone would like to come along with us. We have put an advert on for all to see. We will be leaving Marsac sur L'Isle near Auchan (7h-7h30? must confirm with husband) and can go through Périgueux to pick you up. We can also make a stop at the Total station on the A89 at Trélissac if that is easier for you to get to. You will have to book a hotel as we will be staying the Saturday night. Of course you do not have to ski; you can do many other activities. On Sunday, we will leave roughly when the slopes close (16h-17h), but we will have to phone each other just to confirm times etc. We are asking for 14€ for each person and for each way to help pay for petrol and the tolls. If you are able to drive abit, that would be great. My husband and I will be driving too, so you won't be doing it all. The drive is just over 3 hours. We will be going in my husbands' car a Ford Focus. If anyone is interested please get in touch via private message. Please no timewasters.

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friartuck 1394448095 knees ache at the thought....:-(...but have a great weekend...

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