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Hi, Are there any spinners / weavers groups or enthusiasts in or around the 24800 ish area ?

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prg236-510799 1410257451

Hello, I have just found your earlier post about spinning and weaving groups and wondered if you had found anything?

I live near Pieguet/Abjat and would like to learn weaving so if you found anything I would love to know.


Many thanks, Pat

Cora Snyman 1410260335

Hi There,


I am from South Africa and live in Eymet,  I  weave and spin and are also interested to find out more about spinning and weaving groups.  Please let me know if you find any weaving and spinning groups.  Thanks .  Cora

valebom-108047 1415809242

Hi - did you set up a spinning group in the end? I live near Lyon and have an angora goat farm....I was wondering if anyone would like any mohair fleeces to spin with?! I have joined my local spinning group here and they have been saying how difficult it is to find fleeces to buy in France....if anyone is interested please get in touch and I can send on more information.

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