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Hi, I am staying close to Bordeaux and have currently booked a ski hol in the south Alps. Grand Serra Che (Serra Chevalier). The nearest SNCF station is at Briancon (but it takes more than 10 hours to go there by train from bordeaux ) and I would need spend a night at the village (which means more cost for acccom). Some people I know are recommending a flight to Lyon then bus or train to the ski resorts. However not sure how much this will cost. Anybody do it before and can advise? Any recommendations for a relatively cheap way?? Thanks.

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Hi there,

I know that from St Exupéry (Lyon's Airport) there is a train station so it might be quite easy to catch a train. I suggest you check the SNCF website for more details. Otherwise, you should contact the airport information desk and ask them how you can reach Serre Chevalier. BTH, it's a great ski resort!


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