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Hi: We live near Duras (47) amd need somebody to come and stick a new frieze/border onto the liner of our swimming pool which got bleached badly in last years' sun.  Does anybody know of a suitable tradesman please. Sue

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Hi , Re putting on a border.

I did ours and ordered the border and correct glue from cash piscine , it was not an easy job to do   - and thats to put it mildly !

The vinyl border is not easy to match in terms of pattern into the rounded  corners etc but a sort of made up mitre method has turned out well.

Once done it looked fab and almost like a new liner again as we had the same green stain.

I would be wary of having this done by anyone who isnt very experienced as if it doesnt turn out well you will more than likely want to get a new liner anyway.

Ours cost about €300 i think and although it was more expensive than i first thought should extend the life of the liner by 3-5 years  - we had to do it anyways as the liner had developed a hole in it so iwas worthwhile. 

Hope this may help you.

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