Tennis players around Sarlat?

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Hi I'm 54, male I'm looking for a tennis game in the Sarlat area.  I'm intermediate to advanced level and happy to play singles or doubles. Give me a shout if you'd like a hit.  0604001047 Keenan

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Did you find any tennis players? I'm moving to the area in July and am about a level 3. Happy to play singles or doubles, or join in any drop-ins going on in the area.

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Give me a call when you arrive.  I've joined the Sarlat club, seem to be lots of decent players.

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Sounds good. I hadn't realised there was a club in Sarlat.

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Just had a look at the website. Look spretty serious competitive stuff. Do they do drop ins, round Robins and stuff like that for older folks?

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I had the same concerns as you, finally bit the bullet and paid my dues at the Sarlat club Saturday.

I think you're right, the Sarlat club focuses on comps and youth training.  It's likely due to the heavy involvement of the French tennis federation, and I suspect that  most clubs are similar, even the smaller ones like Vitrac.  

Also, as is the case so much in rural life, everyone knows everyone else, so who needs mixers!  

That said, I had a hit with the club president a couple of weeks ago, who gave me a player contact list which he annotated with people he thought would be suitable and interested in practice hits and doubles.  I'm playing Tues & Thursday after a couple of 'cold calls', so club members seem friendly and willing, and getting to know a few people will hopefully snowball.  Not initially an easy system, especially if your French isn't good, but I doubt you'll get the ready-made social tennis elsewhere, except maybe in expat groups...

Hope that helps, and do contact me if you want a hit sometime.

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Thanks for the full reply. I'll be in touch once we're settled in, and thanks for offer.

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