Test Match Special commentary - where's it gone?

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I assume there are one or two cricket lovers out there who have grown greyer with Test Match Special commentary over the years, but I don't seem to be able to access it via the BBC website or satellite radio this year. Anyone know why?

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It may be that the English have become so useless as a cricket side that the BBC has given Test Match Special up as a bad job. On the other hand it would appear that the cricket commentary is scheduled for Radio 4 Long Wave which is available via a Freesat receiver.

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You can find it on 5LiveSports Extra Via free sat. It is channel 706. You can't get it on the web, I believe if you have a French IP address as BBC can't broadcast to you but I think if you change your IP address you can but that is tooo techie for me. Other, wiser heads, on the forum can probably advise on that.

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thanks, but i tried both and they are not working. Internet probably is the IP address although I have listened to it for years up until this summer.  And I have Sky so maybe they blocked the 5 sports extra commentary to make you watch their live tv feed?

But nothing beats TMS. Any other ideas?

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we have listened to TMS for the last five days during the recent Text match versus Sri Lanka. If you have Sky, TMS is broadcast through BBC Radio 5 Live Sprots Extra On your TV. If you go to the TV guide on your handset press 0 which takes you to the radio lists, then scroll down through the pages to find 5 Sports extra. Hope you find it. 


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On sky, it is channel 0144. ........ 

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