the footbal grounds in Bordeaux

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Where the euro match takes place on Fridaywhere in Bordeaux is the stadium?

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magnetogorsk 1465934253

A short walk from the end of tramline C, if it's not on strike just by the Parc des expositions at Bordeaux Lac. Tram stop Parc des expositions.

jaxjordan 1465979648

Make plans a,b and c. We were in Paris for the Ireland game Monday, coming home yesterday and all going well, confirmation email from SNCF, until could not access Montparnasse station as massive CGT demo. Missed train, had to buy more tickets as SNCF said 'trains were running' but we got back to Libourne ok. Also, suggest take food/drink on train, our TGV buffet car shut as CGT having a 'party' in there.

pie in the sky 1465993617

I Will not be venturing to Bordeaux for a football match but I have clients
who will be finding their way there. Probably not so easy!

George Canning 1465994164

There's a good park and ride system for the tramway in Bordeaux. The tram ticket includes the parking fee or vice-versa.

pie in the sky 1466049387

Yes the tram system is really good.
However I am told that the trams may be on strike on Saturday.
I am also thinking that my clients may not speak French!
Suppose that they will have to echo the word football and hope to
reach their destination.

magnetogorsk 1466056728

Perhaps you could order them a cab from wherever they can get to easily in Bordeaux

pie in the sky 1466141098

I Would be happy to do so....but they seem to want to make their own plans.So we shall see!

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