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I have often heard about this phenomenon but would like to know a little more about its origin and where it occurs in Dordogne.

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I understand the Mascaret to derive its name from Saint Macaire on the Garonne river. It is of course a tidal bore. The effect of the tide rising and pushing its way up the river is amplified when the river narrows into a valley of sorts. The amplification causes a wave that in fact can be ridden .. and is ridden .. normally in September. Obviously the lower the water level the higher the wave. The record ride being 3.5 miles in 22 minutes.

Another favourite "Mascaret surfing" town is St Pardon in Dordogne.

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In September, the Muscaret festival takes place the 17th and 18th at Saint Pardon on the Dordogne.

The co-efficient will be 101 and 109 on these days. The wave will appear at 16:18 on the Saturday and at 17:09 on the Sunday. In fact the best day will be the Monday when the co-efficient will be 111.

In October the dates are the 17th and 18th with co-efficients of 105 and 104. The wave will pass at 16:00 and 18:00 respectively.

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So, this is the big day. I can't make it but I would like to hear from someone who goes.

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