Tour de France 2014

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Hi, does anyone know the actual local roads of Stage 19 that the race will be on from Villeneuve Sur Lot to Eymet.

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deemscox 1388172863

The website gives loads of info but we know they will be turning left at the end of our garden in Monbazillac on the Friday.... We are planning a BBQ and have rooms to let!

the other missus 1388174720

The exact route is not published until about April May , when the financial negotitions with the various villages has been completed. So any advance knowledge is just conjecture.

friartuck 1388192704

...i once sat by the side of the road waiting for the tour to go by...first came a cavalcade of publicity vehicles, throwing stuff to the people waiting...then there was a blur, of which i didn't see any detail at all, then it was all over...blink and you miss it!...great way to while away a couple of hours...

totherbit 1388227023

The caravan takes about 2 hours to pass , the cyclists , depending where you are watching , can indeed take between 20 secs and 2 hours.

We were on Mont Ventoux this year and the cyclists took 2 hours to all pass.

And as stated the exact route will not be published/confirmed until spring.

hazza_10000-597936 1388229704

we tried to find a part of the route that the tour would pass earlier on in the race.   We struck gold finding a spot to stand in a village that was a long drawn out road with a sharp right hand bend at the exit to the village.   We took up position a few yards after the bend there were no huge crowds mainly just the locals and we were treated to the cavalcade then afterwards the whole peleton cycling along as though it was the last day going into Paris.   They were all chatting to one another and we could even pick out individual stars.   Great day.  

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