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What birds can i see murmering over our woods.   I think they are too big for starlings. Quite spectacular.   First time i have seen them in 5 years! Too small for crows! Obviously not the cranes.

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Raggermuffin-117730 1518091451

It could be pigeons, but there are thousands of them, which i have not seen here before.  

George Stephenson 1518093486

It is impossible to be accurate given the vagaries of the OP, but I agree with Raggermuffin in that wood pigeons are the likely suspects. I hardly saw a wood pigeon over here until last winter when there were thousands of them around the Chatain - Benest area. 

It is probably the extreme cold weather in the UK that has caused them to migrate further south. Normally, great numbers of them come in from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to the UK to take advantage of the warmer winters caused by the Gulf Stream. 

KenC 1518111869

Almost certainly Palombes, or Wood Pidgeons in English. They are very common and migrate normally end November, early December, the same time as the mushrooms appear. Near where I am at Cours de Monségur there a a number of "Palombiers", the gatherings of buildings and hide-aways in the woods where French men retire for  a week or two in the season, to shoot the pidgeons. [And I suspect to get away from those of the female persuasion, and to sample the local beverage in the company of their pals.] This period gives rise to the well known sickness of "Le Fievre Blue" or "Le Maladie Blue" when the males of the french population disappear, the "blue" being more or less the colour of the pidgeons.

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