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Hi all, Whats a good pub/bar for the England world cup games? Were in Lalinde area. I'm guessing Eymet must have a good spot?

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susky5` 1401775736

Why not watch it at home - I can't see why a French bar/pub would want to show the England matches!

jensdad-95361 1401783271

Susky5, the obvious answer would be to attract business. 


I'd imagine most sports bars will have the games on.  Pretty sure CDP in eymet wl be showing them.


nectar99 1401919632

Spot on answer there Jensdad! If Carlos had wanted to watch the game at home I am sure he would not have posted the very simple question only to be told to watch it at home?

This is after all an Anglo Info web site where people want to ask questions and get helpful answers.

I know lots of people, whether they happen to be French, Dutch or German, like to watch football matches at a sports bar or pub to enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy a night out and it is after all the world cup! I am also sure many bar owners would be happy to see their takings go up.

Also from the tv schedules I reckon all the French games will be shown in England in many bars around the UK for that very same reason.

Thanks for the heads up on where we might be able to watch it.

newie244 1402013724

The PMU bar in Villereal will probably have the games on, they showed all the 6 nations rugby and they sell Guinness and Bombardier on draught....Bonus!!


Mr Blakeney 1402046378

The Code Bar at Sigoulès between Eymet and Bergerac shows football and rugby all year round with all nationalities meeting for good company and friendly banter, at the moment offering promos on pizzas whilst the footy is on.

thunderbolt-943208 1402078833

Cdp in eymet has confirmrd he will be showing all the england, dutch and french games as a minimum inc the italy game which starts at midnight.  he also has the england v nz rugby at 9am.

carlos-949290 1402083703

Thanks all! Great info!

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