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Is any one interested in going cycling in the Mensignac area? Mountain bike or road. Getting fedup going by myself. I have lots of routes around Mensignac. Or I could join you and learn some new ones. I do like to ride quite fast but any level of riders welcome to join me. Any day or time I'm always up for it. So get in touch. Contact me at  bigdavetat@aol.co.uk

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Morning All, I have some guests arriving shortly who want to organise a rock climbing session for their 14 year old son who is into that kind of thing. I have not seen anything like this down here (Montignac area) but there are plenty of cliffs so perhaps someone knows of a commercial organisation that does it? Many thanks for your assistance! Simon

started by: rugbynut · last update: 1373066054 · posted: 1371585635

I am likely to be in Riberac on Saturday 22nd and 29th of June on Holiday, Sadly clashing with the first and second Lions tests. Does anybody know of where I might be able to watch those games?  

started by: lesmirabelles · last update: 1373015514 · posted: 1373015514

1st Sopranos (high voices) needed to join our small friendly choir which meets each Friday in Miramont.  We sing a wide variety of music from classics to present day.  If you are interested in learning more, please email  mummyinfrance@hotmail.com

started by: euphoria24 · last update: 1372431607 · posted: 1372431607

We're putting together the exercise class schedule for September at Evasion Fitness in Sarlat.   A few people have expressed an interest in classes conducted in English.    It would be really good to know if there's wider interest and, if so, what sort of classes people would like - general fitness, pilates, zumba, zumba gold, legs bums & tums  ....??

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would anyone be interested in meeting up once a week social chats and help with problems, walking,plant swop,playing cards,practising our french,etc male and females all welcome.   please email me if you are interested,and near Brantome Mareuil or verteillac area regards Chris  

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Hi there Can anyone help? After living in Dept 24 for a year now, very close to the demarcation line between what was occupied France and Vichy France during the second world war, I realise my historical knowledge is very sadly lacking. Can anyone recommend any books that explain what life was like during the war for this part of France or point me in the right direction to find more information. I did ask a French neighbour but she politely suggested it was not a topic of conversation that most local people felt comfortable with as presumably feelings are still strong over allegations of collaboration?? Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply. Jill

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Anyone for an occassional golf game near Sarlat - eg at Le Lovardi? near Siorac? WE are here til late August - my husband (mid 60's) is a keen golfer and I (mid 50's) play (not very well) to keep him company.  Is there anyone out there who would like to join us for an occassional game and possibly lunch after? 

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Hi Does anyone know when the fishing at the lake in Champs-romain is open full time?  At the moment I know you can only fish at the weekends, which gets a bit busy.   Many thanks Dave

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Good morning all I know I'm a bit behind the times but Can anybody explain to me what Drive E Leclerc is all about?  thanks in advance quitajones

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Anyone know a trout  flyfishing lake S Dordogne/ N Lot et Garonne ? Secondly can any engineer/ fisherman advise on oxygen pumps to enervate one of these agricultural ponds that abound.- Trout normaly need an inflow and outflow and few ponds seem to have this. Are there any groups or syndicates operating ?

started by: lulu24rouge-98604 · last update: 1368875300 · posted: 1368789411

Tuesday 21st May English-speaking event at Périgueux Golf club. 18 hole competition from 11am or Initiation from 3.30pm contact

started by: susky5` · last update: 1365921263 · posted: 1365921263

Help - are there any budding astronomers out there who can help me set up a Seben telescope.  I've just purchased one, (something I've always wanted) and the handbook is useless, it left out half the instructions on how to put it together.  I've successfully done that but now just don't have a clue how to use it!!  I would be grateful for any help at all.  Many thanks

started by: rickriderfra · last update: 1365883954 · posted: 1359969775

 We're planning a move to the city of Bordeaux and would very much like to find a nice riding club near the city for my horse and I.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. cheers...rr

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Leaving tomorrow to tour the Dordogne area any recommendations for good hotels or chambre d'hotels please

started by: woody34 · last update: 1365413384 · posted: 1358614393

We live near Riberac, Verteillac & St Severin & have recently moved to the area from another part of France. Does anyone know of a public indoor/covered swimming pool reasonably near us please? Any information much appreciated as I'm really missing my weekly swim,  Thanks, Woody

started by: La Brujita-119096 · last update: 1363806494 · posted: 1363804175

We live in Department 24 and are looking for a reputable company to "make over" a rather unloved existing tennis court at our home. Can anyone recommend a company please?

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Hello - Has anyone got a caravan in their back garden that there not going to use anymore, with a shower in, as i'm looking for a tapper with knob, there smaller than the normal sized ones and have been unable to get any here or in the uk for my caravan.  There not able to be ordered either. Hope someone can help....:o)

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I'm looking for a couple of silkies,preferably a black and a white,to go with my lovely little buff. Preferably at point of lay,and not more than 45mins.from Bergerac.

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Hi all sporty and mature people I am looking for people to play tennis. I live in Lamothe-Landerron, nr La Reole. Email me if you would like a game or two. I don’t mind travelling, within reason. Other sports I enjoy/miss are golf and Badminton Andy

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